Aaron Libbey

Founder & Director

Aaron founded Adage Geothermal in 2011. He has a decade of experience building businesses, working in emerging markets and guiding cross-border transactions in the technology and energy spaces.  Aaron is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Queen's University.


Ryan Libbey

Founder & Geology Lead

Ryan has geothermal exploration experience ranging in stage & scope from greenfield start-ups in Indonesia to the world’s leading geothermal sites in NZ and Iceland. He publishes papers and frequently presents on a variety of topics related to geochemistry and geothermal exploration. Ryan helped found the Canadian Geothermal Research Council. He has a PhD has geothermal geology from McGill University. He attended the Nordvulk School on Hydrothermal Systems & Energy and the University of Nevada's National Geothermal Academy.


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Ben Melosh, Geologist

Ben has extensive experience as a structural field geologist focusing on fault mechanics studies and fluid flow in the upper and middle crust. He has led or co-led field mapping and sampling efforts on four continents, including geothermal sites in Chile (Tolhuaca, Puchuldiza) and Guatemala (Joaquina). He studies the structural controls on fluid flow, magmatism and alteration in volcanic or metamorphic terranes. He commonly presents results at international conferences and has published structural studies in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals. Ben has a Ph.D. in structural geology from McGill University with a Master of Science degree from University of California, Santa Barbara and a Bachelors of Science from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Glenn Melosh, Advisor

Glenn has extensive experience leading geothermal exploration projects.  He has designed, managed, and participated in many geothermal exploration resource assessment projects that delivered well targets and successful wells in volcanic settings worldwide including projects in the USA, Philippines, Indonesia, and Chile.  He has performed pre-drilling exploration and resource assessment in many other countries including Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Kenya.  Glenn built the core of his expertise in geothermal exploration and development during the 28 years he spent with the Unocal Geothermal team. During this period, he explored most of the key geothermal provinces around the world.  Glenn’s group pioneered the development and early application of many exploration techniques that now standard including application of conceptual models, MT and TDEM, liquid and gas geochemistry, and exploration risk methods.

Nick Hinz, Advisor

Nick has over 15 years of experience on projects located throughout North America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Most of these projects have been field-based, stratigraphic and structural framework studies. For much of the past 10 years, my projects have focused on geothermal systems for the purposes of defining structural and stratigraphic controls of reservoirs, identifying regional patterns in resources, and help advance exploration strategies. These projects have involved systemic regional assessments, database compilation, detailed geologic field mapping, integration of drill-hole and geophysical data sets, structural analyses, constructing digital 2D and 3D geologic models, developing conceptual models, well targeting, and close collaboration with industry. Structural analyses are an emerging toolset in geothermal exploration and help mitigate risk in drill-targeting and estimating resource capacity. He also teaches workshops and lead fieldtrips on structural geology, field mapping, digital mapping technologies, and modeling for geothermal exploration.

Paul Bissett, Advisor

Paul is a senior finance and business development professional with over a decade of corporate finance and advisory experience.  Paul is currently a Director at a leading Canadian independent investment bank focused on capital raising for industrial and technology companies.  Previously, Paul led M&A initiatives for an integrated global power & utilities company and worked for a big four accounting firm.  Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours from Queen's University along with the Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator designations.

Dan Resnick, Advisor

Dan is an experienced strategy consultant with expertise in the power & utilities sector.  Dan focuses on market assessment, opportunity evaluation, and innovative business model development for a range of electricity sector stakeholders, including large-scale generation utilities. He has also spent time working in international development for the Clinton Foundation and on Canadian governmental policy development initiatives.  Dan is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University and Queen's University. 

Graham Smith, Advisor

Graham is a finance professional and former strategy consultant who has worked in emerging markets has focused on renewable energy, development economics and international finance. He studied at Queen’s University, Oxford and Stanford. His experiences include founding an off-grid solar company in East Africa and implementing numerous development finance projects in low-income countries with the Clinton Foundation. Additionally he has provided strategic analysis and advisory services to European investment banks and private equity funds, as well as working closely with international development finance institutions.